Anna I Torres LVN,IVT is not a medical doctor nor does she make medical diagnosis or provide medical advice, care, evaluation, or treatment.  You should seek a Medical Doctor for follow up care and you should view Anna's Therapy Therapy as alternative complimentary therapy to medical care provided by a Physician medical doctor.

Lilkisspie LVN,IVT 

Improve Circulation Relieve Muscle Pain Tension and Stress- 30 minute Therapeutic Touch Session

Increase the flow of Oxygen and Nutrients to your cells while you rid the body of Unwanted Materials- 30 minute Magnet Therapy Session

Improve Circulation Relieve Muscle Pain Tension and Stress- 1 Hour Therapeutic Touch Session

All Holistic Packages include the following  benefits, Individualized Diet and Lifestyle recommendations and goal setting, Spiritual Exploration, Meditation and Breath Work, Energy Balancing, and Light Therapeutic Touch. 

Best Healing and Relaxation- 30 Minute Holistic Therapy Session

Optimum Healing and Relaxation- 1 Hour Holistic Therapy Session

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